Strawberry Fields
Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields

Tall, long-legged, with a heart full of liquor while you and everybody else are just ice in a glass.

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that face when you’re just like

"shit I fucked up I fucked up I fucked up I fucked up I fucked up shit"

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so the first four hoards were so popular that theyve become kind of on ongoing series ! some of the ones here feature the commissioners ocs and personal items, but ALL of them involve things very dear to me: weird lizards on piles of junk


You’ve got a lil’ somethin right there

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Being John Malkovich, Sandro Miller

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Lee Price creates realistic oil paintings that show women and food in their intimate and private settings. The pictures are self-portraits of her, getting excessive with food that is considered indulgent, forbidden, or comforting. Her works address the intersections of food with body image, addiction, and unabating desire.

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"I’m not kind, I’m just tempting you. I never give anything without expecting something in return. I always get paid." - Gone with the Wind (1939)

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this was honestly the most beautiful scene

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Lupita Nyong’o by Mikael Jansson for Vogue July 2014

"As Lupita gathered those voluminous silk georgette pleats of her custom Prada skirts, she remembers that all she could think was ‘Don’t fall on those stairs’ because, as she drolly explains, ‘it’s not cute if you follow Jennifer Lawrence—it’s not cute if you’re the second one!’"

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